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Working Method

Left nothing to chance

Because we design each Glaravan from start to finish with a keen eye for detail, we have set up a simple and structured process to make your dream a reality.

How do we do it? Read the story below.


The process of building a Glaravan takes an average of 4 to 5 months from start to finish, depending on the size of the caravan.

Function & Model

We always start by making notes of your wishes to see what type of caravan you are looking for. Do you live inside or outside? Where would you like to cook? Will you also be camping in the winter? Our questionnaire leads to the best advice on how to design and build your caravan.

Some of you have a favourite caravan model in mind, but sometimes we will also look for a suitable candidate based on your wishes.

Layout & Interior

On the basis of your wishes, we can make a concept of the layout relatively quickly. Think of the placement of the seat, a fixed bed, the kitchen, cupboards and a possible bathroom. Every caravan has its advantages and disadvantages, which means that we can only place certain techniques in one or two places. Think, for example, of the location of a modern refrigerator or an air conditioning unit.

We design the interior based on the Pinterest images you provide and the many materials and options we can offer you. In our custom-made showroom we have an overview of the materials & fabrics. Come and visit us by appointment!


Glaravan #6 contains all the technical gadgets you can think of. See it and listen to it in our YouTube video! Click on the YouTube button.

The finishing touch

Every Glaravan has many details and therefore many decisions to make. We guide you through these questions and decisions so nothing is left to chance, down to the last detail. During the construction we might encounter small adjustments. Even these details will be discussed, making our caravans just that little bit nicer.

Construction of the Glaravan

The best part! During the construction we will keep you informed with pictures of the progress. Because we build our caravans all by hand, we also regularly come across small issues; how high do you want this outlet and what do you find comfortable to use? Small adjustments and decisions so that everything is just right!

When we are almost finished building, we also stop sending photos so that we can have an extra surprising reveal at the delivery!

Delivery & Service

You don't just buy a Glaravan, it's an adventure for life. Each one of them is also our child. Despite our 3-year statutory guarantee, we will continue to look after the caravan & you as its owners, with love throughout your life. We are a growing company and as a Glaravan owner you will have an advantage in this!

Environment conscious

Although it seems that we almost completely demolish our caravans, we often reuse 40% to 60%. For example, we reuse the upper cabinets, parts of the chassis and the structure.

Carefree at the campfire

A camping trip is just that little bit better if your camping equipment is safe and full of the luxuries you desire. That way, you can really relax and enjoy your environment.

Camping in style

Although it is often effortless, we guarantee that you have never made contact with your neighbours at the campsite so quickly.

Are you looking for more specific information?

We have made an overview of the most frequently asked questions. Is your question and/or answer not listed? Please contact us, we are happy to answer all your questions.

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