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About us

New caravans in the old familiar shell. Glaravans are old vintage caravans that have been completely renovated and modernised according to the wishes of our customers. Our Glaravans are all different but have one similarity; they all have a story. We make caravans that combine the best of old & new. In addition to our caravans, we are the online & physical shop for the most stylish camping items.

With our caravans, we offer the charm and feel of the past in a circular environment. The old caravans we use are recycled up to 60% and are often in such poor condition that renovation is the only option. By retaining unique elements & bringing back certain characteristics, makes every Glaravan unique and every caravan we deliver has its own story.

At Glaravans, you can also hit the road safely because we completely modernise and renew the chassis with new axles & brakes. Inside the old 'shell, we build a custom interior to the customer's wishes. If desired, we add technology such as hot water, a bathroom, air conditioning & a large refrigerator. Also movers, solar panels or via the mobile operated climate-control belongs to the possibilities. By default, all electricity, gas and water are reinstalled. So Glaravans are in fact old and new caravans in one.

The caravans are completely made by hand, which allows us a lot of flexibility and creativity. Our aim is to send the caravans on the road again for 30 - 40 years.


Glaravans was created from the combination of Caravan & Glamping. Glamping is a term that comes from a combination of the words 'glamorous' and 'camping'. The word 'glamping' stands for camping with luxury and in a special atmosphere. (Wikipedia)


Glaravans was founded in January 2019 by Erik Baas. As a camper he saw mostly the same looking caravans: His passion for old and stylish objects gave him the idea for Glaravans. In the unique vintage caravans he saw an opportunity, so he bought a Constructam Caravan from 1979, now known as 'Project 0'. The atmosphere of the caravan was wonderful, but he missed a bit of luxury and style. Inspired by the many hobbyists who refurbished their caravans, the adventure called Glaravans began. With the focus on styling & interior, he hoped to create a market.

He soon realised that a 'pimped' caravan could look beautiful to the eye, but the flaws of the old caravan remained. That is why we build caravans today where everything has been done from A to Z, so that you also buy a new caravan. The best of old & new combined!

In January 2021 we expanded into a web shop and physical store/showroom where people can see & buy the most stylish camping products. This will allow you to have a look into the world of Glaravans.

Project #0

The first (pimped) concept Glaravan ever.


Enter the world of Glaravans! Take a look at our Glaravans that are being bult and see the most stylish camping items.

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