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General questions

What is a Glaravan?

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A Glaravan is an old type of caravan from the 60s and 80s that has been completely modernized to today's standards. With every Glaravan, the chassis has been completely overhauled and equipped with new axles, brakes and a new clutch. The inside has been completely rebuilt with new bottom plates, insulation, electricity, water and gas. On the inside, the interior has been completely replaced and where possible made lighter in weight without sacrificing strength and rigidity. A Glaravan is therefore a brand new custom caravan with a vintage look. With every Glaravan we strive to maintain a vintage vibe while at the same time creating a modern travel palace.en.

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What does Glaravans stand for?

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Glaravans comes from the combination Glamping and Caravan. We also like to associate it with luxury, vintage and design.

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Do you also have Glaravans in stock?

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We build all our Glaravans to size, which means that we do not have 'ready-made' models. We sometimes have a number of 'old' caravans in stock that are suitable as Glaravans.

How do you come up with all these designs for Glaravans?

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We design most Glaravans based on the wishes of our customers. We ask our customers aPinterest mood board on which we base a design! We like to give each Glaravan its own character, although most old caravans already have this.

Do you also only do interior styling?

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No, we do not do 'styling' or 'pimp' assignments. We can, however, advise you or provide you with good quality cushions & fabrics, for example.

What is Glamping?

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Glamping is luxury camping where you are often provided with all the comforts of home, in a special accommodation.

Look atWikipedia For more information.


Do I have to deliver a caravan?

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It is wise not to purchase a caravan yet unless you already have one. We prefer to first discuss the wishes with you, after which we can recommend a minimum desired caravan width and length. Then you know for sure that the caravan purchased is suitable for the desired layout.

We sometimes also have caravans in stock and also have a large network for purchasing caravans.

Where do you buy the caravans?

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We have a network of scrap yards, caravan dealers & of course just through Facebook and Marktplaats.

We search everything for the best models!

What will be technically renewed?

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You buy a new custom caravan from us. You can read exactly what we do & replace atTechnic.

How do you design the interior?

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We design most Glaravans based on the wishes of our customers. We ask our customers aPinterest mood board on which we base a design! We like to give each Glaravan its own character, although most old caravans already have this.

Do I also get a warranty?

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All Glaravans come with a 3-year warranty. See the full warranty conditions at ourTerms and Conditions.

How does the waiting list work?

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At Glaravans we work with a waiting list on a first-come, first-serve basis. We have limited capacity & time.

Upon agreement of a quote for a Custom-Made Glaravan, a deposit of 500,- is made by the buyer(s) to start the design process. This amount will be deducted from the final invoice. This amount will not be reimbursed if the buyer(s) drop out prematurely, regardless of the circumstances..

Read more about this in theTerms and Conditions.

How does the contract work?

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With a Custom-Made Glaravan, the entire design is reviewed and signed for approval before the start of the construction of the Glaravan. The contract consists of two parts; Contract Part A in which the technology is determined and contract part B, in which the interior is determined. Upon signing, the buyer agrees to the design as outlined on paper, along with the samples/samples shown that correspond to the materials used in the Glaravan.

Read more about this in ourTerms and Conditions.

How do the payments work?

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In the case of Custom-Made Glaravans, there are four moments of payment.

1. The waiting list deposit of 500,-, deducted from the final invoice..

2. When signing the agreement contract part A Technique is a deposit of 40% of the total amount.

3. When signing the agreement contract part B Interior is a deposit of 20% of the total amount.

4. Upon completion, the last 40% of the total amount will be paid with the waiting list invoice of 500, - deducted..

With each invoice, the amount is expected to be credited to the seller's account within 7 days of the invoice date, the details of which can be found in the contract.

Special situations such as import/export, the purchase of a specific caravan and the costs of these situations are specifically stated in the contract and have a possible fifth separate payment.

Read more about this in ourTerms and Conditions.

Maintenance service

How does maintenance work?

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To keep the warranty of your beautiful Glaravan valid, the requirement is that the caravan is maintained every year for 3 years after delivery of the Glaravan. This will usually take place in the spring, preferably before your first camping trip. During this maintenance, we check the entire caravan and ensure that you can enjoy another carefree summer.


BOVAG Maintenance

From 2021 we will be working with an external party for BOVAG maintenance. A BOVAG Maintenance is a combination of inspection and maintenance of all essential parts of your caravan. More than 60 maintenance points are checked. A recognized inspector checks all these points, including legal requirements such as tires and safety such as the gas installation. If necessary, parts are repaired or replaced.

After checking, you will receive an extensive inspection report, stating which points have been checked and what the findings are. If your caravan has been approved at all inspection points, it will be provided with a BOVAG inspection sticker (which we will of course not stick!). This shows the months and the year in which the BOVAG maintenance was carried out. The BOVAG inspection includes a 6-month warranty on the maintenance performed.

Our third party performs a full BOVAG inspection, which includes the following:

-       Gas Control & Extortion

-       Undercarriage regular maintenance & check

-       Control of all driving lights

-       Moisture control

This party also tackles all these points, apart from possible leakages; We repair these at Glaravans ourselves based on the moisture report (after which a 2nd check is carried out to confirm the repair).

At Glaravans we check the other matters such as the interior, operation of equipment & comments from yourself.

What does the maintenance cost?

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Maintenance costs are€ 254.95 incl. VAT, (Price level 2023) excluding regular maintenance. For regular maintenance you can think of, for example, tires & brake pads. We will of course handle all matters that fall under warranty at no cost. Personal desired adjustments to the caravan in consultation.

Do you also do maintenance on non-Glaravans?

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We do not do maintenance & refurbishment jobs for 'old' caravans. We can, however, advise you various addresses if necessary.

What service does Glaravans offer?

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We are always at our disposal for the Glaravan owners. Some adjustments to the caravan are always possible as well as other requests according to your wishes.

Accessories & Insurance

Can I insure my Glaravan?

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Our Glaravans can be insured with the ANWB & Centraal Beheer via the replacement value of our caravans. You are then insured for the purchase price and the applicable amortization of insurance for a maximum of 3 years. After the first 3 years or immediately upon delivery of a Glaravan, you can also opt for insurance through a Glaravans partner. This works by means of an appraisal report that is provided by Glaravans in collaboration with a well-known and recognized appraiser.

The Glaravans are insured for a maximum of 3 years for the replacement value from the moment of delivery, after which the current value will apply. This is where the problem lies for almost all Glaravans; On paper, the Glaravans were all built in the 1960s-70s-80s, which means that the current value will almost always be 0.00.

After the valuation you are insured for 3 years through our partner and you can have a new valuation report drawn up every 3 years via Glaravans before extending the insurance.

Do you also have a manual for the caravan?

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We are currently working on a global manual that applies to all Glaravans. You will of course receive extensive instructions and a 24/7 helpline from us if you have any questions.

Are suitable awnings also available?

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Suitable awnings are available for all our caravans. For example, the Campooz Awning in our webshop fits on almost all caravans, but there are also plenty of alternatives. Ask us for more information!

Do I get other benefits as a Glaravan owner?

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Our brand is growing, this of course has many advantages and surprises for the proud owners of our Glaravans! Which, of course, we won't reveal..

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