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FAQ - Custom Made

This FAQ is for our Custom-Made Caravans questions only. If you are looking for answers about our webshop? Please click here.

General questions

What is a Glaravan?

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A Glaravan is an old caravan that has been build in the years from 1960 to 1980, restored and modernized towards the current standards. Each Glaravan has a fully revised chassis with nex axles, brakes and clutch. The interior is newly build with isolation, electricity, water and gas. The interior is custom-made to customer request and is build with lightweight materials without compromising on sturdiness and stifness of the caravan. This means a Glaravan is a new caravan in an old shell. We intent to keep the vintage vibe but also create a modern age travel palace on wheels.

What does Glaravans stand for/mean?

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Glaravans comes from the combination of Glamping and Caravan. We also like to be associated with luxury, vintage and design.

Do you have any Glaravans in stock for sale?

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We build all of our Glaravans on customer-request. This means we do not have any models available for sale.

How do we design the Glaravans?

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Most of our Glaravans are designed to the wishes of our customers. We ask our clients to make a Pinterest moodboard on which we base the design. We like to give each Glaravan an own character, altough most of the vintage caravans already have their story.

Do you do interiorstyling only too?

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No, we don't do stylings only, but if you need any advice or suggestion, you can always contact us.

What is Glamping?

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Glamping is luxury camping with all the luxury from home, often in a unique accomodation.

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Do I have to bring a caravan?

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It is wise to not purchase a caravan unless you already have one. We prefer to discuss all details with you before purchasing a caravan. In this sense we can make sure the size of the caravan is appropiate for your demands. We have a large network to find a suitable caravan for an acceptable price.

Where do we find and buy these old caravans?

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We have a network of junkyards, carvan-dealers and 2nd hand websites where we spot and find the nicest models!

What is technically renowed?

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When you buy a Glaravan, you are buying a new custom-caravan. What we do exactly and replace can be found here.

How do we design the interior?

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Most of our Glaravans are designed to the wishes of our customers. We ask our clients to make a Pinterest moodboard on which we base the design. We like to give each Glaravan an own character, altough most of the vintage caravans already have their story.

Is there any warranty?

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All Glaravans come with a 3-years warranty. Please see the full Terms and Conditions.


How does the waitinglist work?

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We work on first-come first-serve. When you agree with the quotation we will send you a waitinglist invoice that confirms your spot on our list. If you withdraw from the waitinglist without buying a Glaravan, the amount of € 500,00 won't be refunded. Please also read our terms and conditions.

How does the contract work?

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When entering the process of building a Glaravan, the full design and details are described. We do this in a contract thats made of 2 parts; Part A where all the technical details are described and part B that describes the interior details. When signing the contract, the buyer agrees with the design as sketched on paper, together with the samples that are in coherence with the materials used in the Glaravan. Read more about our terms and conditions here.

How do the payments work?

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There are 4 payment terms for a Custom-made Glaravan.

1. The waiting-list invoice of € 500,00, which is deducted from the final invoice. .

2. When signing part A of the contract, a payment of 40% of the total amount is beeing invoiced. .

3. When signing contract part B for the Interior, an amount of 20% of the total amount is invoiced.

4. The final payment will be done when the Glaravan is finished. This payment is 40% of the total amount minus the waiting-list invoice of € 500,00.

Each invoice is required to be paid within 7 days after invoicedate toward the seller.

Special requirements such as the import/export of a caravan or the purchase of a specific caravan can be invoiced seperatly and have a possible fifth seperate payment.

Maintenance and service

How does the maintenance work?

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To maintain the warranty of your Glaravan during the warranty-period it is obligated to do a yearly maintenance at Glaravans. Normally, this takes place during spring to get the Glaravan in mint condition. When maintaining the caravan, we make sure your caravan is ready for a care-free summer.

BOVAG Maintenance

We work with an external party that does the BOVAG maintenance, a Dutch quality maintenance label that ensures the maintenance is done well with a check of 60+ points. They will check the caravan on points like tires, gas and exterior lightning. If required, parts will be replaced.

After the check, you will receive document with all checked points en findings. A BOVAG-check comes with a 6-month Guarantee.

What does the maintenance cost?

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Costs of the maintenance are € 224,95 including VAT, excluding regular maintenance such as tires and brakes. All maintenance that are part of the warranty are without any costs. Any personal adjustments on the caravans on request.

Do you do any maintenance on caravans / non-Glaravans?

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We do not do any maintenance or fixes to 'old' caravans. But, we can advise you on request.

Which service offers Glaravans?

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For Glaravans owners we are 24/7 available. Any changes to the Glaravan or other requests are always possible.

Accessories and Insurance

Can I insure my Glaravan?

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Our Glaravans can be insured in the Netherlands through the ANWB or Centraal beheer when showing the contract & invoice to meet the value of the caravan. Internationally has to been checked with your local insurance.

Do you have a manual for the Glaravan?

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No, we currently do not have a manual. We tour our clients through their caravan and have a 24/7 question hotline.

Are there any awnings available to fit on these older caravans?

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For all of our Glaravans we have a suitable solution. In our webshop we have awnings, but there are also custom-made options available. Ask us for more information.

Do i get any other advantages as Glaravan owner?

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Our brand is growing, which brings a lot of benefits and surprises for our porud Glaravan owners. Which ones exactly? We'll keep that a secret.
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