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Driving safety on the road and your own feeling is priority number 1. At Glaravans we therefore largely renew the chassis of the caravan to optimize driving safety. This means renovating the old chassis and addressing the weaknesses.

We install new axles, brakes and clutch so that driving safety is guaranteed with modern technology. This has two major advantages. Namely, the driving behavior of the caravan is often improved and there are no longer any problems with obtaining spare parts for the caravan.


Most classic caravans have a wooden structure, but certain brands, such as Constructam & Eriba, have (partially) a steel cage. Fortunately, we are familiar with all these types of superstructures and it does not pose a problem to any classic caravan.

In all cases, we can get the superstructure back in top condition to send the caravan back on the road for years to come. We do this by welding, working with polyester, renovating wooden structures or processing new aluminum plates.


Contrary to popular belief, old caravans are often very lightweight. For a single axle caravan the weight is on average between 600 & 1100kg. For a classic tandem axle, the maximum weight is around 1800 kg. Our caravans are therefore relatively easy to tow by most cars! Just as handy.

The weight always gives us an extra challenge; the weight on paper remains the same for all our caravans.


Our interiors are completely handmade, a mix of old and new techniques. We only use the lightest and strongest materials to keep the weight of the caravan within limits.

In the case of reuse of old cabinets, we adapt them to hide the new technology such as cables and we apply new hinges. The complete interior is screwed into the wooden or steel structure. This is how we ensure a strong and sturdy caravan.


Two of the most dangerous things in an old caravan are the gas pipes and the electrical network. Over the years, a caravan has had many owners. We often see that different people have practiced their hobby without knowledge, resulting in dangerous situations.

At Glaravans, we install a completely new electricity, gas and water network in line with current regulations. Safety comes first, of course.


Since we build our caravans from scratch, we can easily add luxury accessories. Finally a fridge that can keep the beers or bottle of wine decently cool. Easily connect the BBQ to the caravan without having to drag gas bottles or operate your caravan climate control easily via your mobile.

We love unique and creative ideas, don't be afraid to share yours!


What is a broom closet for one person has absolute added value for another. We build our bathrooms completely from polyester. This means that the bathroom is a real wet room. This way you don't have to worry about leaks and the bottom of the caravan remains good. It's nice to be carefree!

Luxury Seat & Mattress

When you go on vacation you don't want to come back broken. That is why we work with a partner that has more than 30 years of experience in making top-quality seat cushions & mattresses. In our showroom you can select high-quality furniture fabrics for the upholstery and you can of course test the seats & mattresses.


We often reuse 40% to 60% of the existing caravan. The parts that are still usable, but we do not use ourselves, often go to enthusiasts. The other items are neatly recycled so that waste is kept to a minimum. This also makes the Glaravan a sustainable choice!


Even after delivery of the Glaravan, we offer you a 3-year warranty on the caravan. This applies to both the waterproofing and the interior. The warranty of the selected accessories, such as a refrigerator, runs through the respective manufacturer.

If you have any further questions or would like even more specific information, please see our FAQ or contact us.

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