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Working Method

Finding the ideal caravan

At Glaravans we always start by drawing a desired layout & technique. We always do this by asking a lot of questions.

Do you spend a lot of time indoors or outdoors Where would you like to cook Do you also go camping in the winter We have many questions for you so that we can also give the best advice when dividing and building the

Contrary to what many people think, we are looking for a caravan that suits your needs. We do not have any caravans in stock. Sometimes you already have a favorite caravan model in mind, but usually we look for the perfect match with you.

Layout & Interior

Based on your wishes, we can make a concept of the layout relatively quickly. This includes the placement of the seat, a fixed bed, the kitchen, cupboards and any bathroom. Every caravan has its advantages and disadvantages, which means that we can only place certain techniques in one or two places. For example, consider the location of a modern refrigerator or air conditioning.

We design the interior based on the Pinterest images you provide and the many materials and options that we can offer you. In our custom-made showroom we have an overview of the materials & fabrics. Come by by appointment!

Luxury & Technology

Because we work with a bare shell, we can add new technical gadgets & luxury accessories as desired. Think of hot water, air conditioning, that oven with gas burners or simply that extra large bed.

As standard, every Glaravan gets new Alko axles & braking technology for driving safety & future maintenance. For the inside of the caravan, we are familiar with the latest systems from Truma, Thetford, Dometic and are happy to integrate them. You can also expect completely new water, gas and electricity pipes with associated safety systems with every Glaravan.

From concept to reality

From barrel to travel palace! The total process of our concept takes approximately 5 months on average. Of this, approximately 2 months of physical construction time and 3 months of preparation time are planned.

dots on the 'i'

Every Glaravan has a lot of details and with that many decisions are involved. We will guide you through these questions and decisions so that we have carefully discussed everything in detail.

Also during construction we sometimes come across small adjustments and that flexibility makes our caravans just that little bit more pleasant. We really build everything by hand, which brings many advantages. This way we can spot problems in time, make elements and cabinets more practical and, above all, add your personal wishes.

So don't expect to be able to sit back during construction; our quality & service mainly lies in the communication with you.

Demolition & construction of the glaravan

The funniest part! During construction we will keep you informed with pictures of the progress.

Our Whatsapp group will ring very regularly with new photos, questions or finds; how high do you want this socket and what do you like to use Small adjustments and decisions so that everything is correct later on!!

When we are almost finished with the construction, we also stop sending photos to have an extra surprising revelation upon delivery! That is always extra exciting for both you and us! ;)


You don't just buy a Glaravan, it's a camping tool for life. They are also all our 'children'. Despite our legal warranty of 3 years, we will continue to take care of the caravan & you as owners with love for our entire life, even after delivery.

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Vacation time!

We are on vacation from August 22 to September 4, so our store is closed! Webshop orders will be shipped on Monday 5 September . From September 5th we will be back for picking up orders and the store will be open again on September 8th. Until then!

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