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BLOG - Duurzame producten

BLOG - Sustainable products


You want to go camping, but in a sustainable way. Recognisable? A sustainable holiday is a trend that continues to grow; as a camper you often already have a head start on a flight holiday, but you can reduce your 'footprint' even further. That is why we have set up a blog series with different themes around sustainable camping. This first blog highlights a number of sustainable products that are stylish and practical, and how logical it is to start with our waste!


Created 'thanks to' the many litter along the road; Flextrash. Bas, a busy entrepreneur, was always on the road and with 2 children, this caused a lot of mess in the car. The lack of a decent rubbish bin in the car soon led Bas to gather a team of environmentally aware designers to design a beautiful and practical rubbish bin together.

The Flextrash bins became a reality not long after. Made from recycled PET bottles and supplied with biodegradable bags for organic waste; everything has been thought of. Because of the different 'clips', or hanging options, you can use the bins anytime, anywhere. Although we as Glaravans offer them for camping convenience, with other 'attachment clips' you can also use the bin at home, in the car or at a picnic.

If you want to know even more, you can always have a look at the website of Flextrash. If you want to buy one (or two) you can also go directly to our webshop where the many clips and nice colours are available.


The true vintage enthusiast and caravan pimp knows better than anyone where to score the most unique vintage camping items. In between all the rubbish, there is of course nothing more durable than getting a cool old camping chair second-hand for little money and preferably with an old retro-orange motif. If you buy an old caravan on Marktplaats, you often get the entire vintage furniture as well! Be careful with chairs where the metal is a bit tired or where just that one piece has broken off; spare parts are even rarer than the chair or table itself. An old sleeping bag or rug can of course be washed again, crockery & pans are often still very solid.

We would almost offer it ourselves at Glaravans, but the search and effort to find these pearls prevent us (yet) to do so. You will have to do a search yourself.

Tip! You can Marketplace (if you have an account) also set a search. This way you get an overview of the newest ads with your keyword or words at most once a day. That way you don't have to search so hard and you get the latest overview automatically in your mailbox.

Trelino; the sustainable porta potti!

The Porta-potti, the most loved and most hated product of the campsite. Loved by parents with children, loathed by those who value a little more luxury. Are you a fan of the porta-potti, but not of the chemical solutions that come with it?

The Trelino is a Porta-Potti that works like a composting toilet. No more going to the chemical waste station to flush away your faeces, but a simple separation toilet. The Trelino separates 'solid' and 'liquid', prevents unpleasant odours and makes it easier to dispose of your message. Because no water and no chemicals are used, but biodegradable bags, you can 'leave the message' anywhere. In addition, the Trelino has a wooden lid with magnets, which closes the toilet watertight and airtight, so you don't end up with the contents on the other side of your caravan or camper van.

This fantastic toilet does have a price tag, but it's one that will last a long time. For more information and purchase, please visit the website of Trelino.

Jungle Culture

You know the ones, the wooden skewers and paper plates at a festival or your local fair. Easy to use once in a while, but your food still gets a strange woody taste. Although most people do not necessarily like wooden bowls and cutlery when they eat their freshly prepared meal, Jungle Culture has shown that it is also nice for the 'bite'.

A true nomadic journey to the coconut valhalla in the south of Vietnam gave birth to Jungle Culture. On local farms, organic coconut shells, bamboo cutlery and even razor blades are made in a fair way. Each coconut bowl and wooden cutlery is unique, because each product is made by hand.

The bowls are smooth on the inside and therefore easy to clean and can of course withstand water. In addition, they are also Instagram worthy for your breakfast in the morning! So they are practical and also lightweight, which in turn benefits the packing weight of the caravan. We also put the wooden cutlery to the test and although it's not metal, the 'bite' in the mouth is many times better than with the braderie cutlery. Should a fork or knife break off, Mother Nature will lovingly take care of the recycling process.

Want to know more about how Jungle Culture produces its products? Then visit their website. You can also find all Jungle Culture products in our webshop.


These fun and sustainable cleaning products are specially designed with the environment in mind. Made from bio-based bioplastics of rice husk or bamboo wood (we also had to consult Google), you can, for example, wash up with an easily recyclable washing-up brush instead of one of the many polluting plastic ones from the local supermarket.

Combine these cool Vigar products with biodegradable washing-up liquid and you'll hardly need to dispose of your waste water with your wheelie bin.

Specially for this blog, we temporarily have a number of Vigar products on our webshop .

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