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BLOG - Stijlvolle luifels

BLOG - Stylish awnings

Looking for a suitable and special awning for your old caravan There are many / different types, sizes and colors of awnings. To make it easy for you, we have listed the most stylish caravan awnings from a number of different makers! Then you will find the ultimate awning for your own old caravan in no time!!

The reason for this blog came from you! We are regularly asked if we also have tips for a suitable awning for an older caravan. In addition to the stylish Campooz awning that we offer ourselves, there are also a number of special and fun alternative (small) manufacturers of caravan awnings if you are looking for more Retro, or a classic and complete awning.

You can find all the makers, photos and an indication of the prices below!


Caravan Oldies

Looking for a classic and graceful awning These beautiful specimens are made to order by the skilled lady behind this great company; Esme. She once started with an awning for her own classic Constructam caravan and, due to the many positive reactions, has also started making it for others..

Although she makes most awnings for Constructams caravans, she can also make a beautiful fitting awning for other models. The Caravan Oldies awnings are always elegantly finished with beautiful fringes and high-quality Ten Cate tent cloth is used.

The prices of its awnings start from 275 euros and depend on circulation and choice of fabric. Furthermore, there are various side walls available that have no extra costs or that amount to between 150 and 200 euros. Soon Esmé will even launch a new model!t! 

Esmé does not have a website, but you can find her viaFacebook,Instagram & through here-mail.


Retro & Zo

For the ultimate Retro awnings, we come to Retro & Zo. With their canopies you imagine yourself back in the sixties & seventies with real flower power and thick cotton tent fabric. Alice and Bert therefore think it is a shame that you sometimes see a beautiful old caravan hidden behind an unimaginative gray or blue awning; it simply detracts from the stylish overall picture & the experience.

That is why they make caravan awnings consisting of a mix of old and new fabric. The fabric preferably always has a nice retro accent or pattern and of course they make a different window shape themselves. And in answer to a frequently asked question; the retro awnings are sturdy and waterproof!

The Retro & Zo canopies with a decorative border have a starting price of 320 euros and you can order a separate side, which can be used on both the left and right, from 195 euros.o.

You can reach Alice and Bert through theirInstagram,Facebook or directly bye-mail.



Obviously the beautiful is missing Campooz awning not in this list. This awning, which combines both classic and modern elements into a beautiful and unique whole, originates from the sturdy Campooz folding trailers. For many years, caravan campers have looked at the awnings of the folding trailers with some envy, until Campooz finally decided to make them for the caravans as well.

Due to the unique dimensions, the awning fits on many different caravans with the most special shapes. For example, it fits on an Eriba, Constructam, SMV, but also various more modern Kip Caravans for which awnings are often difficult to obtain. Campooz awnings are made of Australian army cloth and/or ripstop cotton and, very handy, are storm-resistant. You can also buy separate side walls with the awning that are available in 3 different versions.

This beautiful awning has a price between 549 and 599 euros and if you want to order a separate side wall, it will be an amount of 165 to 230 euros.ijn.

You can find more information about this beautiful and unique awning in our Online store.


Atomic tent

Of course, rock-solid awnings for caravans are also made.Atomic tent makes your assembled awning completely tailor-made. Tom and Mustafa produce the 100% cotton canvas in their workshop in Uden. They are proud of their storm-resistant, rock-solid, top-quality tents.

The canopies from Atomatent continue to give you the tent feeling thanks to, among other things, the remarkably spacious/high standing and living space of the awning. You don't have to worry about rain either. The cotton is produced in such a way that the canvas is water-repellent and you can simply sit outside (in bad weather). If you prefer to see the Atomatent range first, they always organize an Atomatent Autumn Show in the last weekend of September. There you will find dozens of caravans (& Glaravans) and vans with their own Atomatent awning, each with its own color and application..

The Atomatent awnings including 3 aluminum uprights have a starting price of 1,175.00 and you can add options such as detachable side screens, draft strip and the like to the rock-solid awning..

With other ideas, Atomatent likes to think along with you about the possibilities! You can reach Tom and Mustafa atFacebook, on theirwebsite or directly bye-mail.

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Do you have any great ideas or tips that our future blog(s) should be about? Let us know!!

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