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Melamine kunststof serviesgoed

Melamine Plastic Tableware

You have probably read, heard or seen the news... A recent news item from the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority advises against using melamine plastic tableware in which bamboo/maize fibres have been processed.

We have good news! Enquiries to our suppliers have revealed that their products are made from 100% melamine. This means that our range of tableware is not hazardous to your health.

But they advised that the 100% melamine plastic tableware should not be used by children between 0 and 3 years. If you do wish to use this crockery, please ensure that you do not serve food or drink that is too hot; this will minimise the risk of hazardous substances. So all our stylish products in our webshop are safe for the upcoming camping season!

Glaravans Stijlvol Serviesgoed KamperenGlaravans Stijlvol Serviesgoed KamperenGlaravans Stijlvol Serviesgoed KamperenGlaravans Stijlvol Serviesgoed Kamperen

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